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Jack & Oliver

The day has been wet since the early hours of this morning.

The sky: a strange shade of glassy white, while the air is damp with constant drizzle.

The dogs: sulking at the bottom of the stairs because it’s not fun playing in the back garden when it’s wet and sloppy.


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Puppy House Training by Peter Motley

Puppy House Training
 by: Peter Motley
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Caring For Your Dog

Caring For Your Dog
 by: Michael Colucci
Dogs are social animals that have worked with humans for thousands of years. They have played an important role in various different cultures. Dogs are highly valued for their intelligence and loyalty, and it is important to train and care for them properly.
Despite the importance of dogs, owners may find that there are many challenges in training and caring for them. While many people want to own a dog, few know how to train them properly. A dog which is not disciplined will not bring happiness to its owners. Too many people allow their dogs to develop bad habits
You want to make sure you purchase quality food for your dog, even if its a bit expensive. Cheap dog food won't give your dog the healthy look it should have. You want your dog to have a shiny coat and bright eyes. Dogs are much like their owners, and will behave in many of the same ways.
Dogs are like small children, and should be treated as such. Dogs should not be left alone for long periods of time, as they are prone to getting into trouble. When dogs are left alone at home, they need to have a designated area with boundaries. Leave chew toys and other things that will keep them occupied.
When your dog behaves properly, you should always praise and reward him. This teaches him that good behavior leads to rewards, while bad behavior does not. When you do this, you will find that your dog behaves properly on a regular basis. When your dog doesn't behave properly, you should also discipline him, so that he understands the difference between right and wrong behavior.
There is a difference between discipline and abuse. There are some dog owners that don't understand this, and hit or kick their dogs in order to train them. This is abuse, and is not an effective way to train your dog, and may even cause your dog to attack you. You want your dog to respect you, not fear you.
A good way to discipline your dog without hitting him is to spray water on him and give him a verbal warning. This will get the message across in a non-abusive way. How you train your dog is very important. You want a dog which you can take out for a walk without worrying about him bothering others. You want a dog that will listen to your commands.

Dog Fleas

Dog Fleas
 by: Rita Hutner
Dog fleas can cause more than itching.
They are difficult to control, but, left unchecked, they can cause your dog very serious health problems.
Simple facts about dog fleas:
Fleas are probably the most successful creatures on the planet in terms of reproduction. There are over 2,400 species and they are difficult to control for a variety of reasons: One female flea will produce 25,000 offspring in one month. An unfed adult can live for several months. The chemicals used to eradicate adult dog fleas have no effect on the eggs. Fleas are very good at mutating to resist new pesticides.
Fleas are a menace to dogs! They cause allergic dermatitis, tapeworms, and anemia. Most of the eggs are not laid on the dog but in the dog's bedding, in the rug, and on the furniture. It is extremely difficult to eradicate fleas completely. The most you can hope for is to control them and to keep your dog reasonably comfortable during the warm, moist flea season.
The best way to control dog fleas is to remove them from your dog and your house. Take him to a groomer for the day and have him bathed with veterinarian-approved flea shampoo. Spraying or dipping him with a residual pesticide has little or no lasting effect. While he is out of the house, hire a company that uses a non-toxic product to spray the carpets and the furniture. These companies usually guarantee a flea-free home for one year.
Some dogs are bothered more by the use of pesticides than they are by fleas. Flea collars, sprays, powders, and shampoos are all loaded with pesticides. Beware! If your dog is into serious scratching, your veterinarian can prescribe medication for the itching. It is also very important that you discus with your veterinarian which products you should use on your pet to rid him (or her) of dog fleas. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to get rid of fleas; not all of them work and some could be harmful to your dog.
>From this point on, it is important for you to vacuum the carpets, furniture, and your dog's bedding everyday. Place the cut-off end of a flea collar, or a moth crystal, into your vacuum cleaner bag to kill any vacuumed adult fleas. Vacuum the dog if he will let you! Groom him daily with a flea comb. Do not be surprised if you occasionally find a flea on him. He will bring them in from outside. Remember, you cannot get rid of them, only control them.
Effective Treatment of Your Yard:
In cases where pets spend most of their time outdoors, it may also be necessary to treat the yard for dog fleas. One way to determine if the yard is infested is to walk around the property wearing white athletic socks, pulled to the knee. If fleas are present, they will be seen against the white background of the socks.
Outdoor flea treatment should focus on areas where your pet rests, sleeps, and runs, such as doghouse and kennel areas, under decks, along fences and next to the foundation.
It is seldom necessary to treat the entire yard or open areas exposed to full sun. However, as long as you are treating the outdoor area, it may be a wise move (particularly the first time) to treat as large an area as possible. Once again, check with your vet to determine which product to control dog fleas will be most effective for out door use and will not be harmful to your pet. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully.
Summary of Key Treatment Steps:
1. "De-fleaing" your pet is only one essential step in ridding your home of fleas.
2. It is critical that you treat areas in your home where your pet spends time.
3. It is most effective if you treat your pet and your home on the same day.
4. Treat every week to ten days until the infestation cycle is broken. After that, once a month or as needed.
5. Expect to see newly emerging adult fleas for 2 weeks or longer following If you dust your pet every week to ten days, new generations of fleas will quickly die before they have a chance to lay eggs - breaking the infestation cycle.Flea eggs are completely protected from insecticides so you must break the cycle of re-infestation to clear them from your home.
6. If your pet spend most of their time outdoors, it may also be necessary to treat some areas of your yard. In fact, it is highly recommended when there is evidence of a high infestation of dog fleas.


My names Chilli and I have two beautiful boys - Jack & Oliver. I'm new to this community and would like to introduce you to the life I share with my dogs.

Chris (my parnter) and I took the dogs for a walk around what is affectionately called ‘The Lakes’, despite there only being one. It was a lovely evening, the daylight lasting until the evening now, and because it was relatively late, there was hardly anyone else around – we met just one other dog, a small hairy terrier, and a couple evening a walk in the peaceful settings the woods and fields offer.
It’s a 5 minute drive from our house, up a single lane country road to a small wood atop a hill. With (what you can call) a car park that takes about half a dozen cars, not many people know about the place. You walk down a hill through the woods – the trees creating a tunnel – before coming to a path that runs between the wood and a field. Turning off, you come into a huge open space, the grass green, the air clear. No cars, no pylons, no houses – just a big open field and a man-made lake.
One end of the lake is fenced off – to get the ducks some privacy from the dogs! It never used to be, so dogs used to terrorise them, swimming after them – I don’t suppose any of the ducks ever got hurt...it’s a big lake for a dog to swim across. There was this one time when there was a pair of swans settling on the lake, and Jack thought it would be fun to swim at them. He got halfway across the lake when the swan saw him coming up from behind, turned around, and starting swimming straight for Jack. Jack, realising he had taken on something more aggressive than him, and who was more at home in the water, turned tail and swam back to shore, the swam slowly paddling after him!
What was nice about this particular evening was that it was just Chris and I, with the two hounds, enjoying a peaceful stroll on a beautiful summer evening around silent settings.

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How to Begin a Dog Training Career

How to Begin a Dog Training Career
 by: Katie Brandt
Do you love dogs? Do you find yourself automatically trying to train each dog you come across? Would you like a fun, satisfying career that revolves around working with dogs? Then starting a dog training career could be the best career option for you. As a dog trainer you will be able to work one-on-one with loveable dogs and help them to learn the proper behaviors.
Having a successful dog training career is dependent upon the time and effort you place into the venture. The odds of having a productive dog training career are low if you decide to just read a book or two on the subject and set up shop. This type of surface level preparation for your dog training career may leave you ill equipped to deal with the business aspects and typical obstacles.
If you do garner any clients they may not be satisfied with your services and your reputation goes down the tubes. Remember if you embark on a dog training career that you need to establish a good, respectable reputation from the beginning. This is especially true if you wish to expand your dog training career from the average household to dog shows. The competitive dog world can be a small, close knit group that watches the performance of dog trainers closely.
As you can see, starting a dog training career is a serious choice that needs to be investigated thoroughly before you begin. Let's say that you have decided you will put in the time and effort necessary for a successful dog training career because you love dogs, want to work with them everyday, and out committed to being a knowledgeable, skillful dog trainer. The next big question is how to do you start your dog training career?
A dog training career can begin in a number of ways. You can take home correspondence courses that range in complexity and time commitment. You can contact local breeders and dog trainers in your area and become a mentor or take lessons from them directly. You can also begin a dog training career by finding any dog training companies or stores such as PETCO to get you started.
The method you should use to begin your dog training career depends on the type of dog trainer you wish to be and your time commitment level. Can you work only part time and want to lead basic dog training classes at your recreation center? Do you want your dog training career to become a full time job where you train dogs for dog competitions such as Westminster? You need to determine your interest level to begin.
Maybe you are not sure yet how much time you want to spend on your dog training career. If this is the case, hop on over to places such as PETCO and inquire about their programs to become a dog trainer. They can answer your individual questions and help you to decide if a dog training career is right for you. You can also consult many book, e-books, magazines, and websites on the subject. You will often find that others have the very same questions and concerns.
You can also speak with dog trainers and dog groomers in your area that have experience in this field. They can help you determine the level of commitment you want to bring to your dog training career. They can point out the pros and cons of a dog training career that might not be highlighted in dog training career books.
What do you typically learn during your dog training career? There are a whole slew of items you need to understand including: establishing effective communication with your dog and basic to advanced tricks and commands. You will learn the best way to teach your dog these tricks. You also need to understand the mind of your dog and learn about dog temperament and the unique needs of each dog.
As with any career you will need to understand the background and history of not only your dog, but every dog as well. You will definitely come across more than one dog breed to train during your dog training career so it is imperative that you comprehend the intricacies of each breed. For example, you need to be aware of the historical strengths of each breed such as the Bichon Frise breed can jump extremely high and used to be circus dogs.
In addition to dog history and the dynamics of each dog breed, it is vital that you have a good grip on proper dog nutrition. During your dog training career you want to produce dogs that are healthy, happy, and well behaved. Understanding their nutrition and exercise needs will help you to accomplish this. Dog hygiene and grooming are areas of study as well so you can present a pooch that has a shiny coat and sparkling teeth.
While working with dogs comprises the majority of your dog training career, you will also need to focus on the business aspect. Your dog training career will become a business. Therefore, it is a necessity to understand how to operate your business regarding fees, overhead, and other financial and time considerations.
Having a thriving, rewarding dog training career might be just what you need in your life. If you love dogs and want to work with them on a daily basis then consider starting a dog training career.
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Adorable puppies need a good home. There are 6 total. I've been trying to rescue these pups for a few weeks now so I am elated that we finally got them.

They are as sweet as can be. About 7-8 weeks old. 3 males, 3 female. Started out with 9 but 2 disappeared and one was killed by one of the kids who lived at the apartment complex so I really felt an urgent need to get them to a safe place.

This is one of the males. He is the only one with this look. The rest look just like the mom with perhaps a touch of sharpei. Total sweethearts.

While we were catching the pups a few guys came over and asked us to find a home for their dog as well. He's a 4 month old pit bull mix. Gets along wonderfully with kids, friendly and super sweet. He kept hugging everyone.

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