animals_in_need (animals_in_need) wrote in mansbestfriend,

Pooch in CT needs a home!

Hazel needs a home! Please repost this wherever you can, it would be nice for Hazel to find her forever home for the holidays! She has been in the shelter system FOREVER, and my friend took her home to give her a break from the stressful shelter atmosphere. Please, either adopt this sweetie, or tell EVERYONE you know about Hazel--she's really touched both me and my friend and we want her to be in a real home. SHE IS LOCATED IN CONNECTICUT!

I know it's a crappy daybed, but it's better than a cold shelter floor!

Getting Hazel-kisses.

"I'm a hound, I'm a hound, I'm a hound."

I quote Holly:
"Hazel is a year old, spayed female Hound mix. She was a transfer to the shelter my friend is with from a shelter in Virgina with a really high euthansia rate. She's beat the odds. I'd like to see her in a home where she's the only dog, but she could probably live with cats. She's great with kids. As far as her energy level, she's a couch potato, nice and chill! Completely housebroken!"

We can find this lucky pup a home.

For info on how you can meet this sweetie, msg my friend on Myspace at, or instant message her at MoreEmoThanYou81.

Thanks for your time.
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