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My names Chilli and I have two beautiful boys - Jack & Oliver. I'm new to this community and would like to introduce you to the life I share with my dogs.

Chris (my parnter) and I took the dogs for a walk around what is affectionately called ‘The Lakes’, despite there only being one. It was a lovely evening, the daylight lasting until the evening now, and because it was relatively late, there was hardly anyone else around – we met just one other dog, a small hairy terrier, and a couple evening a walk in the peaceful settings the woods and fields offer.
It’s a 5 minute drive from our house, up a single lane country road to a small wood atop a hill. With (what you can call) a car park that takes about half a dozen cars, not many people know about the place. You walk down a hill through the woods – the trees creating a tunnel – before coming to a path that runs between the wood and a field. Turning off, you come into a huge open space, the grass green, the air clear. No cars, no pylons, no houses – just a big open field and a man-made lake.
One end of the lake is fenced off – to get the ducks some privacy from the dogs! It never used to be, so dogs used to terrorise them, swimming after them – I don’t suppose any of the ducks ever got’s a big lake for a dog to swim across. There was this one time when there was a pair of swans settling on the lake, and Jack thought it would be fun to swim at them. He got halfway across the lake when the swan saw him coming up from behind, turned around, and starting swimming straight for Jack. Jack, realising he had taken on something more aggressive than him, and who was more at home in the water, turned tail and swam back to shore, the swam slowly paddling after him!
What was nice about this particular evening was that it was just Chris and I, with the two hounds, enjoying a peaceful stroll on a beautiful summer evening around silent settings.

Jack with his toy

Wet dog


Dog Fish

The Lake

Chris has Jacks full attention

Jack dives in


Jack loves the water

Oliver loves to run...he only paddles rather than swims like Jack
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