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Jack & Oliver

The day has been wet since the early hours of this morning.

The sky: a strange shade of glassy white, while the air is damp with constant drizzle.

The dogs: sulking at the bottom of the stairs because it’s not fun playing in the back garden when it’s wet and sloppy.


So I pulled on pink & purple patterned wellies, a woollen patchwork jacket, and a silly multicoloured hat in preparation of a walk. I also fitted Jack & Oliver with ‘stylish’ coats to try and keep them just a little bit dry. Neither dog was all that impressed with their new outfits, and we would all instantly loose any street cred we may have had as soon as we stepped out of the house; but at that point, no one really cared – the boys were all about going outside to play.

The morning walk was nicer than I was expecting it – yellowbrown leaves littered the soft ground, and the bare trees stretched out their fingers to one another, giving a little shelter to the rain that fell in pathetically small drops.

We found a new walk; Oliver found a new fox den.

As usual, I found myself following them, rather then the other way around – both dogs liking to be at the front, but this was fine so long as I could see them both. We came across a number of owners braving the miserable autumn weather with their hounds in tow, but all of which seemed just as depressed as the climate and foliage they were trudging through. Me & my boys gave every one a happy greeting and a pleasant ‘hello’ in our own ways, before continuing our walk.

My usual view while on a walk

Jack - not all that impressed by his coat

Oliver - forever happy

My boys

Once home, I dried them off in the garage– thankful for the coats that I had made them wear, and thankful for the cover outside the house, thus not getting the floors and walls completely covered in dog-wet-mud.

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