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Pooch in CT needs a home!

Hazel needs a home! Please repost this wherever you can, it would be nice for Hazel to find her forever home for the holidays! She has been in the shelter system FOREVER, and my friend took her home to give her a break from the stressful shelter atmosphere. Please, either adopt this sweetie, or tell EVERYONE you know about Hazel--she's really touched both me and my friend and we want her to be in a real home. SHE IS LOCATED IN CONNECTICUT!

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Little pup Miracle hangs on, with help

People are rallying to the badly abused puppy found Monday, sending money for care and good wishes for her recovery.

By JAMAL THALJI, Times Staff Writer
Published December 8, 2005

CRYSTAL SPRINGS - The more Gary Franckewich learns about the tortured puppy he named Miracle, the harder the words come out.

He knew the 14-pound puppy he found Monday afternoon was in bad shape: a rubber band wrapped tightly around the dog's jaws, her tongue left sticking out, deprived of food and water for perhaps days.

But Wednesday, he found out just how much Miracle has suffered.

"She had a broken back leg and one broken front leg and her hip was broken, too," said a teary-eyed Franckewich. "How could this little dog even walk to where I was?"

Emotions still ran high Wednesday for those who have come to learn Miracle's story, along with an outpouring of money for veterinarian bills and outrage that anyone could intentionally inflict such pain.

"I can't believe the amount of people that have stepped up and want to help," said Pam Edris, office manage at the Crystal Springs Veterinary Clinic, which is treating Miracle. "It's been astronomical, but it's been wonderful."

Edris said her office has been inundated with calls about Miracle, offering financial support and even a home when the puppy regains her health.

But Miracle isn't out of the woods yet.

More than half of the pit bullterrier's tongue has been amputated. She is being fed through an IV. But her mouth also rotted, and now she is losing some of her lips. Her immune system is low, which is why Miracle can't risk receiving visitors.

Dr. Gail Mendenhall won't be able to perform surgery until Miracle has been fully diagnosed. Her bills could exceed $1,500, and if she survives, Miracle will need rehabilitation and constant care.

Among the donations pledged this week, west Pasco businessmen Tommy McCormick, Danny Timmer and Angel Villamil are offering a $700 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Not that Miracle is holding a grudge.

"As amazing as it is, she still loves humans," Edris said. "When we go back there . . . her little tail goes thump, thump, thump."

What would be even more amazing, Franckewich said, is if he can take Miracle to his home one day. Despite the expense and time required, the carpenter said he can't give her up.

"I work. . . . I work a lot . . . but I do, I want to have her. . . . ," he said. "I would love to be able to have the chance to have her and take care of her. . . .

"How can I not? Basically, she found me."


The Crystal Springs Veterinary Clinic can be reached at (813) 788-4511. The clinic is asking donors to send checks in care of the clinic to P.O. Box 818, Crystal Springs, FL, 33524. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office asks anybody with information about the puppy to call toll-free 1-800-706-2488. For information about the reward, contact Jo-Dan Auto Sales at (727) 846-0446 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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Dogs Australia.

Hi there. My name is Naomi. I've recently started a livejournal community for Australian dog owners. This is not specific to animal welfare, but I hope that it may be a springboard for local community cohesion concerning animal welfare. It is also a place where people can share pictures of and stories about their dogs as well as potentially discuss local animal issues, including laws, fostering and animal transportation. If you feel you may be interested please join up by clicking here: dogs_australia

See also our sister community: pets_australia


New Dog Community ~ tiny_terrors

Tiny Terrors is a community for people who belong to the "mini-me's" of the dog world ~ the cute as a bug but tough as nails small dog. Here you'll find a place to share photos, stories, resources, tips and links related to the mighty Napoleons of the canine world.

Don't let the cute little facade fool you...these tiny terrors pack a big bite behind their little barks!
Tiny Terrors

 If this sounds like the place for you please join


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Posted on behalf of ratspike and Family Dogs New Life in Oregon.

Original post about him here in the community petbulls.

I don't understand how anyone could leave a boy this beautiful behind...
He was brought to Family Dogs New Life from another shelter where he was slated to be put to sleep because he keeps getting passed over...

Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever
Sex: Male
Age: 7 years
Weight: 70 lbs
Howdy there, Name’s Tate! If you think seven is old for a dog you haven’t met ME yet! I am an adventurer! I like to go exploring so someone that seeks an active on the go buddy would suit me best. I will not do well unattended in a yard. I am fun, loving and sweet! I love people. I love children. I have lived with cats and dogs in the past so I am a very experienced fella.I am crate trained and house trained too. If you are looking for a big friendly happy lab to chase balls or go to the river with I’m your guy! 7 years old-70lbs. My adoption fee is $100.00 and includes adoption supplies.

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Please Crosspost to any and everyone you know

Dimas. Fredericksburg VA Deaf 2yo 100lb Ambull/pit lived on a chain his whole life, PTS10-14-05

This poor deaf big baby has lived on a logging chain for 2 years and now only has till friday 10-14 before he will be PTS- no shelters around here adopt out pits so if it is an owner turn in He will be Euth'd immediately

This one is literally breaking my heart- I will pay for all vet care if someone can take him- I am sick to my stomach that I cannot help myself- I have 6 males at my house right now, and I live in a subdivision- I just don't have the space

I got a call yesterday from a man who told me he had an all white Deaf 100 lb pit bull he had to get rid of because he is getting a divorce and selling his house- HE DOESN"T EVEN HAVE A PHONE- He called me from a payphone- so I knew that he did not have a camera or email to get me pictures so I went over there last night.

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Three Huskey Crosses in Alaska Who Need Homes

Molly is an adorable senior who would love to find a lifetime home. Due to long term neglect she battles with chronic ear infections. With antibiotics (on an as needed basis) and a watchful eye she stays infection free. A SiberMal (Siberian Husky, Malamute cross) Molly gets along with most other dogs, children and loves to get a lick in on your face. She pulls pretty good an a leash so she'd be good for a walk and maybe a skijoring? For more info on lovely Molly - just click here!

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Three Dogs In Alabama Who Need Homes

Jake is a 10 year old Yorkie who is very affectionate and loves attention! He is still very active!! He was brought to the shelter after his owners passed away...he is up to date on shots, neutered, teeth cleaned and healthy as can be for a senior baby. Extensive bloodwork has been done and everything is normal. Jake does have cataracts, but that is normal for a senior baby. If you are interested in adopting Jake - please click the link for information on how to contact the shelter he's with and go about adopting him.

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